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Design an office that suits your needs and best portrays your business beliefs.

The Best Office Furniture

Buy, lease or rent your office furniture with us today. From a wide range of standing desks, privacy pods to traditional workstations — we’ll customise your workplace the way you like it.

Your office layout can make or break the space you have. It is what helps increase productivity yet keep it a safe and secure work environment for your team. Encourage collaborations without sacrificing privacy through aesthetically designed customised office layout.

Futureproof Your Workspace

We're able to retrofit your workstations and furniture to fit your changing needs so your space can work for you longer

Make Full Use
Of Your Space

Maximise your office space to enhance productivity while having a comfortable environment to spark creativity and inspiration

Hassle-Free Replacements

If your furniture breaks or has defects within the warranty period we're able to replace, remove or reinstall the fixtures

Flo Office Furniture Solutions

FLO was created as a workplace solution that could evolve and be future proof. The new hybrid office requires a safe, flexible and lively environment and our customised designs reflect that objective. We believe it can facilitate an energetic ambience and a culture of collaboration.

Step 1


Our team will consult with you to understand your requirements and craft a customised plan to optimise your space

Step 2


We will then conduct a site survey to understand your space and determine the best options based on your budget and space needs

Step 3


We then design and manufacture your furniture based on a customised plan

Step 4


Once the manufacturing is done, we will deliver and install the furniture for you according to the planned timetable

What You'll Get



Choose from a curated range of materials, colours and designs and we will customise workspaces to create the right ambience to ensure that your office space is optimally utilised


Our Solutions Evolve

When your needs change, our flexible solutions evolve with you. Upscale your workplace with a fully custom designed and installed office furniture ecosystem, that will adapt to your needs over time


Free Removal

No more sighing over the hassle of having to remove heavy loads. We'll dismantle and remove your furniture at no extra cost when you rent or lease with us



We help cut down the transport and manufacturing process for you and if you're looking to discard old furniture, we'll even find a new home for it

Making Offices Great Again

Designing A Space For Umami Meats

We helped Umami Meats design their office space starting with space mapping to providing our furniture solutions to make the best use of their office space.  With our wide array of experience in transforming office spaces, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

Our Satisfied Customers

Dannia Danial

Mechanical Engineer

“MGR Office Solutions was accommodating and very friendly. They understood the office requirements and the system furniture were delivered on time and at the right place according to the layout plan given. A smooth process from start to finish.”

Ken Loke


“While there are also many good office furniture suppliers, MGR Office Solutions adds value to clients with intricate discovery and recommendations that certainly helps us identify new things that otherwise we may miss out. MGR is our go to provider for office furniture.”

Franciska Xie

Sales Coordinator

“We would highly recommend MGR Office Solutions for anyone looking for office furniture and printing solutions. They are pro-active and helpful. Great quality furniture and took reasonable price point into consideration. MGR Solutions Pte Ltd. will be our first choice for any future office furnishing needs!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our office furniture solutions.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

The following are important areas for consideration

  • Space availability in your office.
  • Number of users and whether they will be using the height adjustable tables permanently or as a remote working desk.
  • Whether using currently accessible power point or require additional electric cable laying.
  • Warranty on the motor/s.
  • Ease of use
  • Operating noise levels 
  • Programmability and setting options.

Check out our height adjustable tables.

It is a proven way to combat the effects of sedentary workplace behaviour especially when employees have to remain focused on a project for extended periods.

It also helps improve general health and relieves chronic neck ache, back pain, improves posture and naturally puts your spine in an aligned position. 

The following are important areas for consideration:

  • Your office space and how you can best optimise it for the number of employees in your organisation.
  • How to create spaces for increased collaboration
  • How to design areas for private and/or confidential meetings
  • What you can do aesthetically to bring biophilic elements into your work place
  • How to use colours and materials to enhance your office’s ambience
  • How customised furniture can be modular and thus evolve with your changing needs (ie. increase in staff strength; flexible work arrangement etc)


Check out our meeting pods.

It is very crucial for office furniture to have the following elements:

  • Provides good posture support & reduces strains and unnecessary pressure on your body
  • Functional and eliminates unnecessary strain
  • Provides good ventilation and easy to maintain and clean

Post pandemic situations in the workplace have given rise to a need to create a comfortable and welcoming environment to motivate staff to want to come to the office. As such the following have been proven to be a boon:

  • Bringing nature into the office – plants and open settings 
  • Modular and functional 
  • Create areas to facilitate effective collaboration
  • Great ventilation / air purification for a healthy environment
  • Create Special privacy zones for confidential meetings / phone or zoom calls.


Take a look at some of our recent installations.

We have both options. In addition to standard designs, a big part of our installations have been customised according to our clients’ design themes:

  • Customised dimensions to optimise space utilisation
  • Materials and colours that are in sync with the office theme

Yes, we do. Under our rental/lease scheme, delivery and installation are included in the package.  

A big portion of our installations are on lease and rentals. There are benefits to be derived from Lease or Rentals so contact us to understand more about our flexible options.

Contact us to find out more about our flexible options.

Leasing allows you to finance your new office furniture without a massive upfront cash expenditure that could potentially hinder your business plan.

It is tax deductible and allows you to budget more efficiently.

It is hassle free as we will dismantle and remove your old furniture at no additional costs upon expiry of the lease/rental agreement

Contact us to discover how we can assist you with your requirements.

The standard lead time for customised furniture is 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of confirmed order. 

The above varies based on the complexity of customisation, order quantity and stock availability for specialty items.