Why Are More Companies Leasing/Renting Office Furniture.

Offices are indispensable assets to most businesses. In view of this, every business whether it is an established organization or a start-up, will need a significant sum of money to get it up and running.
Office Furniture becomes a necessity, but it does not mean that purchasing it is always the best and only option. In some cases, it makes sense to furnish an office space without making the financial commitment for the entire office worth of furniture. It may be a hefty price tag especially if you have hundreds of employees to cater for.
Furthermore, office furniture may not be a wise investment if you are treating it as an asset as the value depreciates over time. Office furniture leasing options are customizable and hassle free. Importantly, it is 100% tax deductible which can be written off as a business expense.
In a nutshell, leasing of the much-needed furnishings can reduce your expenditures to a large extent while having more capital to focus on other business concerns or higher priority needs.
MGR offers companies big or small easy and flexible office furniture rental solutions. Renting office furniture is a fast, flexible & smart way to set up a workspace.
Our special “Business Recovery” scheme is designed to assist companies across varied needs and budgets. Hire today. Benefit from the flexibility & convenience of renting office furniture. We offer monthly rental from SGD28 per workstation.
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